The Story Teller; Tales of Life and Music, by Dave Grohl

Picked up on a whim (I love rock ‘n roll (auto)biographies), I devoured this book. I wouldn’t say I am a huge Foo Fighters or Nirvana fan, but I am now solidly a Dave Grohl fan. What a cool guy! Took many leaps of faith, achieved amazing success, had significant losses, but still seems so grounded and grateful. And loves his mama. I really enjoyed the parts where he talks about meeting his musical heroes and about what a big fan he is himself. He has had crazy adventures and still loves to party, but will literally travel the Earth to be there for his family (blood-related and not). There is a sense that he feels things deeply, and is not afraid to show how moved he is by the magic of life. Another quote that resonated with me is “I believe that people are inspired by people”. This is why I read people’s stories including Dave’s – for inspiration. I was not disappointed here.

4 quotes from the book:

“I was an idealistic misfit, empowered by the audacity of faith and a reckless determination to do it my way.”

“…but I saw a door open before me, and rather than stay within the comfort of my tiny bedroom, I decided to dive through it, leaving a life of stability and security behind.”

“I love my children as I was loved as a child, and I pray that they will do the same when their time comes.”

“…I will still always choose to let life take its natural course, a journey with no roadmap to refer to in the event that you get lost.”


Life wisdom obtained:

The last chapter spoke to me deeply and brought on some tears – so much about bucking a conventional life in favor of a creative one despite no guarantees of success. And being happy and grateful for the whole spectrum of life.

Must read chapters:

All of them.

Will I keep it on my bookshelf or donate it? Definitely a keeper and one I will enjoy sharing with others